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Books By Zemill is proud to announce the first product from our parent company, Attention Required. It is a poetry book entitled, “Thoughts In Vision - Poetic Works Of Love, Life, and Inspiration.” It features poems of love and all the different variations of love. From the beauty of sharing your heart with someone with whom you are enchanted, to the pain of losing the one you hoped would be in your life eternally. It’s about life and the day to day struggles that we all encounter and words of wisdom to help you overcome them it’s about inspiration and words that will move you to act on dreams and goals you wanted to pursue but never motivated to start. It’s about family, the love for and the loss of those we mourn. It is happiness, it is joyous moments. It is a book about life written in the back drop of poetic expressions.

The second book to come will talk about relationships and how and what moves us to do what we do. Later, two movies that will speak to the imagination of their readers.

Order “Thoughts In Vision” today. There is something in it for everyone. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback we will keep you posted on future works.

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Beautifully written, Thoughts In Vision uniquely combines the flow of a novel, with the the imagery of poetry.

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Hot Book, the story of one mans life written on the canvas of a poetry back drop.
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